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11 June
Sana Ashraf In-store leads generator Total experience: 1 years, 3 months Resume | Online Profile | Document Managment
Interview Stage
11 June
Paul Jones Mechanical Designer Total experience: 3 year, 11 months Resume | Online Profile | Document Managment
86% Excellent
Short List
11 June
Jason Barton Maintenance Mechanic Total experience: 11 months Resume | Online Profile | Document Managment
65% Adequate

Not relevant
11 June
Shane Bennet HVAC COMMERCIAL INSTALLER Total experience: 1 year, 4 months Resume | Online Profile | Document Managment

Candidates with low scores (<70%)
can watch training videos

Play training video for Basic circuits
video courtesy of VGI
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HVACing was born out of 25 years' experience of research, testing and workforce development and designed around two decades of research and collaboration from the Department of Labor and Stanford University with the goal of providing the next generation of employment assessments.We understand occupational needs for each position and have assembled only the most important core attribute testing tools that meet industry standards based on this research. The result is a laser guided attraction and talent identifier that is unmatched in the industry... Read More

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